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Meet The Team

About us

Just two detailers developing a quality brand for those who LOVE their cars

We started in university where we found that we both had a passion for cars and wanted to develop a service that would help others take care of their pride and joy. After a lot of careful thought and planning, CarSpa Detailing was born. A service that we want to build upon and grow with a goal of raising the standards for car cleaners and detailers across the country.


The definition of "detailing"

Automotive detailing, in the context of car maintenance, is a thorough and meticulous process that extends beyond the conventional car wash. It represents a commitment to preserving a vehicle's aesthetics and value, emphasizing attention to detail. Detailing in our best package encompasses a comprehensive service that includes an extensive exterior wash, paint correction to remove imperfections, care for wheels and tires, deep interior cleaning, window and glass treatment, application of protective coatings, and final refinements. The business of detailing is an investment for the customer, as it goes beyond mere aesthetics to maintain the vehicle's condition, thus ensuring long-term value retention.

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