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WAS £150 
Y £99


About us

We are two young entrepreneurs who are very, if not overly, passionate about detailing our own cars. We decided to turn this passion into something tangible where other people can benefit from our work as well. From there, CarSpa Detailing was born. We are based in, and around Cheshire and offer mobile detailing services that range from interior deep cleans to full decontaminations and ceramic coatings.


Our goal with CarSpa is to be the best in Cheshire and showcase what professional car care looks like. We are working to build quality relationships with our clients so that we can build a long lasting brand in the car detailing industry. So please don’t hesitate to contact us today so that we can get you booked in hassle free!


Why should YOU choose us?


Professional work WITH peace of mind

Although we are beyond doubt you will be more than happy with our results. If for any reason any harm was to be caused to your vehicle, it would be covered under our insurance policy so you can rest easy. 


First class chemicals

We really owe it to the products we use as without them we wouldn't be at the top of the game. We use only the best snow lances, wheel acids and interior cleaners as we see this as an investment as we have seen the effects of lesser quality chemicals. This is one of the reasons that determines our prices as we believe in using only the best. 



As easy as a McDonald's drive though

We all know what its like taking your car to a valeting bay outside a supermarket or shopping centre where you leave your car to be cleaned while you shop. You may worry if the upmost care is being taken on your car or if you will come back to a smeary mess or even if all areas of your car will be taken into consideration. Well, the likelihood is that there won't be adequate care. We use the example of being as easy as McDonald's, however quite frankly, its easier. you don't have to leave your house at all and we will come and detail your car right on your drive.

Honda Civic Type R
Land Rover Range Rover
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